Accurate baselining of your carbon footprint

Billions of claims and transactional data points powering Zasti’s industry leading Healthcare Database (HCD) for the most accurate baselining.

Achieve mandated healthcare and pharma sustainability goals deploying Zasti’s ESG solutions

ATOM enables reporting to and compliance with regulatory authorities, public and private stakeholders easily and quickly.

Auto-generate compliance reports for maximum accuracy and efficiency

AI-driven reports with pre-populated fields eliminates effort and errors ensuring accurate and timely compliance reporting.

Here’s how Zasti’s zasti-atom-ai helps.

The Zasti AI-powered carbon tech platform can automatically Assess, Target, Optimize, Offset, Monetize & Monitor (ATOM) your carbon footprint. User-friendly dashboards generate compliance reports through an affordable, low-entry cost subscription-based service.

The Industry’s first Carbon Database offering accurate baselining. Powered by a Billion+ data points from partners.

Real-time calculation of carbon emissions adhering to GHG, IPCC, EPA, SEC and other protocols

Zasti AI-powered carbon optimization strategies mitigate emissions and identify carbon offsetting opportunities

The Zasti
Regulatory engine provides reports and configurable
real-time dashboards for stakeholders.

Both AWS and Azure powered platforms available with 99.99% uptime and best-in-class data security and privacy. Private blockchain managed platforms available upon request.

Empowered by
 10 Billion 
Transaction Datapoints

for AgriTech

for Healthcare

for Pharmaceuticals


AI. Here & Now!

AI. Here & Now!

Today, artificial intelligence is playing a major role in optimizing the mundane – it has been tuned to craft the perfect workplace email response while simultaneously churning out essays that make expertise sound easily attainable.

Clearing the air – Forest based carbon credits

Clearing the air – Forest based carbon credits

Forest-based carbon credits have recently been shrouded in controversy over allegations of overestimation and miscalculation. The growing global conversation has now called attention to the need to take a closer look at creating a verifiable and transparent system for the validation of greenhouse gas removals.



Accelerate your
Decarbonization Process

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