AI Advantage

Our technology platform equipped with proprietary deep learning algorithms and multi-modal architecture, possesses the capability to crunch large amounts of data in various formats & accurately identify anomalies through recurring usage patterns.

ZASTI delivers Innovation and scalable AI products that dramatically improve efficiency through accurate predictive and diagnostic solutions.

Telemedicine AI

Our Healthcare AI solutions are built and tuned for Telemedicine landscape covering Patient, Providers, and Payors with inbuilt HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

Auto ML

Our self-learning Auto Modeler selects and tunes the most optimal and unbiased AI models based on input data, to deliver ensembled models which are accurate in predictions and analyses.


Zasti’s proprietary explainable AI enables the end user to understand how our models make decisions allowing them to accept its insights with confidence.

Edge AI

Our algorithms lend themselves easily to work on edge systems thereby eliminating the need for expensive cloud infrastructure and deliver results regardless of network availability.

Prediction AI

Zasti technology ensures continuous learning from new data sets and as a consequence, our models are frequently updated, validated and deployed.

Research Partners

Zasti works closely with top global University and Research centers to develop, harness and commercialize IP.

Telemedicine AI

Our Healthcare AI solutions are built and tuned for the Telemedicine landscape. We provide an end-to-end telemedicine ecosystem that connects Patients, Providers, and Payors. The technology is built with high levels of data security and provides various options for HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

Zasti Data Collector

The Client data (structured/unstructured) from on premise, cloud or file systems is imported through the Data Collector pipes & transferred for data modelling and analysis.

Zasti Anonymizer

A custom built anonymizer tool for abstracting specific sensitive standardized information such as PHI, as per client’s requirement ensures GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

Zasti Data Modeller

A custom-built tool that automatically cleans the data (removes duplicates, deals with missing values, etc.) using intelligent algorithms also performs feature engineering and selection based on performance driven exploration.

Zasti Auto ML

The ZASTI AutoModeller is a unique tool, which quickly analyses the data to measure metrics on the data distribution. Based on how the data is distributed it uses a learning neural network-based model to determine the top algorithms and their configurations which yield the best results. These top models are then trained in parallel, evaluated and tuned using custom cross validation and loss functions as appropriate.

Zasti  XAI

ZASTI XAI algorithm uses a suite of machine learning techniques that produce explainable models, while maintaining a high level of accuracy. This allows human experts to understand the influencing factors for the prediction in contrast with current “black box” models which are unable to explain why AI arrived at a specific prediction.

Zasti Predictor AI

The Predictor AI will maintain an array of models along with their performance metrices and integrate with any existing systems. Whenever a prediction is requested, the predictor will make sure that the most optimal version of the model is used to make predictions on the new data. The results of the predictions are fed back into the Data collector as a feedback.

On premise AI

Our AI models can be directly hosted at the client’s on-premise infrastructure servers as per their needs.

Cloud AI

Our AI models can be hosted on our cloud infrastructure and clients can make prediction requests to our servers. Having the model hosted on our cloud helps our customers avoid the hassle of setting up the infrastructure suitable for running AI models, which are compute intensive and require massive storage. This also enables us to re-process the feedback of results and upgrade the models to optimum performance quickly.

Zasti Edge AI

While ZASTI AI can be made to be hosted on-premise or on the cloud, our AI models lend themselves to be deployed on Edge devices. Zasti’s custom algorithms can be tuned to work on AI enabled embedded devices, thereby promoting instant result delivery in realtime where needed.