Zasti Advantage

Our technology platform powered by billions of data points and equipped with proprietary deep learning algorithms and multi-modal architecture possesses the capability to crunch large amounts of data in various formats & accurately identify anomalies through recurring usage patterns.

ZASTI delivers Innovation and scalable AI products that dramatically improve efficiency through accurate predictive and diagnostic solutions.

Data Lake

Access data points from over 10 Billion Healthcare Transactions

Telemedicine AI

Built and tuned for Telemedicine with HIPAA and GDPR compliance

Auto ML

Automatically ensemble AI models optimizing need for large data science team


Explains how our models make decisions allowing users to make informed decisions

Edge AI

AI works on edge systems delivering results irrespective of network or GPU availability

Carbon Efficient AI

Optimizes AI models to significantly reduce carbon emissions

Data Lake

Zasti has access to the largest healthcare dataset, leveraging anonymized data points from more than

  • 2,200 Payers
  • 5,500 Hospitals
  • 900,000 Physicians

The massive dataset gives us access to

  • Patient eligibility data
  • Medical Claims data
  • SDoH data
  • Pharmacy Claims(NCPDP)
  • Medical Remittances data
  • Other (patient, provide,payer) specific datasets

Our AI + data offers an unmatched combination in the industry. Our AI models are being constantly enhanced using real time data points, powering our new range of AI solutions.

Telemedicine AI

Our Healthcare AI solutions are built and tuned for the Telemedicine landscape. We provide an end-to-end telemedicine ecosystem that connects

  • Patients
  • Providers
  • Payors

The technology is built with high levels of data security and provides various options for HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

Zasti Auto ML

The ZASTI AutoModeller is a unique tool, which quickly analyzes the data to measure metrics on the data distribution.

Based on how the data is distributed it uses a learning neural network-based model to

  • Determine the top algorithms
  • Configure the model to yield best results
  • Train models in parallel
  • Evaluate and tune using custom cross validation and loss functions as appropriate

Zasti  XAI

ZASTI XAI algorithm uses a suite of machine learning techniques that produce explainable models, while maintaining a high level of accuracy. This allows human experts to understand the influencing factors for the prediction in contrast with current “black box” models which are unable to explain why AI arrived at a specific prediction.

Carbon Efficient AI

Zasti is strongly rooted in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) values and has embedded sustainable practices to check the carbon footprint of our AI models.

To reduce the carbon emissions from our code, Zasti has built a proprietary carbon efficient AI framework that constantly tracks

  • Real time energy consumption
  • Carbon emissions generated by our AI models

The framework helps us in optimizing our code, and making it carbon-efficient by providing implementation strategies to reduce our carbon footprint.

Zasti Edge AI

While ZASTI AI can be hosted on-premise or on the cloud, our AI models lend themselves to be deployed on Edge devices. Zasti’s custom algorithms can be tuned to work on AI-enabled embedded devices, thereby promoting instant result delivery in real-time where needed.

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