Carbon Baselining

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Carbon Footprint of Healthcare

The United States healthcare system makes a significant contribution to the national economy. It accounts for 17% of GDP and 10% of emissions. Its significant carbon footprint is attributable to Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions pertaining to direct, indirect and supply chain sources respectively.

Zasti identifies the need for further precision in the estimation of carbon emissions. Our interest is in helping organizations navigate the challenging terrain of decarbonization by providing accessible and actionable findings.

Carbon Footprint of Healthcare

The U.S. healthcare system contributes ~10% of the nation’s carbon emissions and ~9% of harmful non-greenhouse air pollutants.

Scope 1 Direct emissions: 17%

  • Health care facilities
  • Vehicles

Scope 2 Indirect emissions: 12%

  • Purchased energy sources
  • Electricity
  • Steam
  • Cooling
  • Heating

Scope 3 Supply chain: 71%

  • Production/Manufacturing
  • Transport of manufactured goods
  • Disposal of goods


Zasti’s Climate Tech AI Platform with ATOM framework

Zasti’s Climate Tech AI platform consists of ATOM, a framework that lends accuracy to the estimation of organizational carbon footprints in healthcare. ATOM’s intelligence lies in its ability to unlock emissions authenticity and supply chain transparency through the rigorous tracking of Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions. ATOM is supported by an in-house Carbon Calculator which serves as an accessible tool for the visualization of emissions data.

With over 10 Billion Healthcare transactions, Zasti offers a broader range of solutions for your particular needs.

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