Carbon Calculator

Measure carbon footprint of your Healthcare Facility


Lack of Standard Carbon Emissions Calculator for Healthcare

Currently, the healthcare industry suffers from a lack of a standard calculator to measure healthcare specific Co2 emissions. The system also lacks the availability of a standard framework to offset the emissions to reach net zero carbon targets.


Zasti’s Carbon Calculator for Healthcare

Zasti uses AI for Co2 emissions calculator to identify the carbon footprint of the client facility adhering to EPA, IPCC, GHG Protocol methodologies, and more.

Data sources include historical data and real time data from

Energy grids

Utility bills

Building size and type

Equipment sensor data

Run time

Data centers and other facilities


Transport data



Zasti AI carbon calculators measure & map your carbon emissions across Scope 1,2 & 3

Data Integrity

Achieve sufficient accuracy to enable users to make decisions with reasonable assurance as to the integrity of the reported information

Data Insights

Identify hotspots with maximum energy bleeds


Improve energy supply and distribution efficiency

Trend Analysis and Benchmarking

Provide – meaningful comparisons of emissions over time and compare and benchmarks your emissions to industry standards and competitors


Monitor progress over time using a custom built dashboard

Climate Tech AI Solutions

With over 10 Billion Healthcare transactions, Zasti offers a broader range of solutions for your particular needs.

Make this data and AI provide value for you

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