Cardiology AI

Early screening of Vascular health risks using portable devices


Arterial stiffness measurements provide valuable predictive information for vascular health outcomes that complements standard risk factor assessments, developed by a leading academic research institution.

Currently available technologies for assessment of endothelial function and vascular health are

Expensive and often not available.

Difficult to operate needing trained physician.

Do not offer comprehensive assessment of endothelial function and vascular stiffness.


The ZASTI AI solution can help Cardiologists and Primary Care Physicians to predict vascular health risks early using the proprietary ARTSENS® technology. The solution involves a revolutionary image–free and portable non-intrusive technology for evaluation of arterial stiffness for vascular screening. ARTSENS* has been clinically validated and field tested by premier institutions in Asia and is currently under investigation in the US.

* Currently under development and not commercially available in the US