Consumer Decision Support AI

AI assisted decision making for identification of patient specific care plans


Availability of coordinated care plans

Reducing total cost of care is a major challenge faced by providers and payers. One big piece of overall cost is administrative waste — estimated at $200 billion a year in the U.S

  • Payers run the risk of claims overpayment
  • Providers run the risk of claims denial and delay in reimbursements
  • Patients suffer due to lack of transparency and mismatch between procedures prescribed by providers and covered by payers

There is a need for technology driven, transparent and accountable decision making systems for enabling coordinated care.


Zasti’s Consumer Decision Support AI

Zasti has built deep neural network powered models that help providers and payers in suggesting suitable health plans for the patient. The model predicts the total cost a patient will incur in the upcoming years and likelihood of getting admitted using the following patient specific data

Claim History

Demographic Information

Socio economic status

For a given Patient Profile the model is equipped to estimate

How much the patient will cost the payers for the course for next 1 to 3 years

Top procedures the patient may undergo for the course for next 1 to 3 years

Patient’s total carbon emissions for the course for next 1 to 3 years

Average carbon offset the patient/payers/provider needs to purchase for the course for next 1 to 3 years


Decision Making

Payers and Providers can take data driven informed decisions to suggest suitable healthcare plans to their customers

Improved Customer Satisfaction

 Patients may enjoy fewer delays in care and more transparency about coverage and financial responsibility


Providers and payers can collaborate to achieve common goals

Carbon Offset Estimation

Stakeholders have the visibility on carbon emissions generated and estimated offsets required to be carbon neutral

    Climate Tech AI Solutions

    With over 10 Billion Healthcare transactions, Zasti offers a broader range of solutions for your particular needs.

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