Damage Detection AI

Reduce damage detection inspection cost & time with Zasti AI


With large volumes of cargo being shipped every day, containers are susceptible to damage during transit.

At the shipment yard, an inspector needs to identify damaged containers and estimate the severity of the damage to determine the right course of action (maintenance, repair and replacement, claims). There is no existing mechanism for validation of container damage inspection claims made at the yards, leading to surge in fraudulent claims.

Repair estimates have to be manually reviewed and approved by Inspection team.

Verification process does not involve validation post cleaning & damage detection.

Subjective judgements depending on the proficiency of inspection personnel can easily lead to fraudulent claims.


ZASTI has developed its proprietary Damage Detection AI for detecting damage from videos and images captured during the inspection process. Our model is equipped to identify surface damages (bulges, dents, tears, holes, etc.) in the container and performs fraud detection by recognizing if the image has already been used before for a previous damage claim. The system is capable of performing visual damage inspection using feed from a drone/CCTV camera.