Pharma AI

Enhance the efficacy of Clinical Trials using our award winning ZASTI Pharma AI


On average, it takes years and as much as $3 billion to develop and introduce a new Oncology drug to the market. Of these costs, about 30% goes towards clinical trials whose success rate is extremely low. Patients rely on life saving clinical trials, but today’s process is too complex, risky, and expensive.

When a drug trial fails late in a clinical trial cycle, it is a major setback that costs billions of R&D funds.


Trial success prediction by monitoring key clinical research metrics.

ZASTI has partnered with research organizations and academia to deliver a validated AI model that accurately predicts trial outcomes within the oncology space, enabling researchers to dive deep into detailed attributes & lead clinical trials to success. ZASTI AI proprietary neural networks and XAI were trained on comprehensive databases of colorectal cancer trials in collaboration with ARCAD and pancreatic cancer trials from NIH. Our solution accurately predicts key trial metrics that can be applied to other tumor types & therapeutic diseases. This helps CROs and Pharma companies efficiently allocate their resources to ensure optimal benefits to all stakeholders.