Predictive Maintenance AI

Optimize your operations with our AI powered facility management solutions


Improving efficiency in Facility Management

Lack of efficiency in facility management and maintenance can lead to

  • Increased wait time for patients
  • Overconsumption of energy
  • Unexpected equipment breakdowns


Zasti’s Predictive Maintenance and Facility Management Solution

Zasti has built an intelligent predictive maintenance and facility management solution to predict time to failure of equipment. The model processes historical data from :

SLA Breaches

FRMS systems

Existing IT infrastructure

Hospital usage data

Sensor Data


Energy Use Optimization

Reduce energy leaks due to faulty equipment and strategically reduce consumption by identifying energy-intensive regions of buildings and times of day


Reduce penalties assessed by Govt. mandates for failure to meet SLAs

Real-time Alerts

Receive immediate notifications of unwanted shutoffs or faulty functioning by keeping tabs on equipment

Predictive Maintenance

Predict failure rates within the facility, helps managers to plan maintenance activities

Climate Tech AI Solutions

With over 10 Billion Healthcare transactions, Zasti offers a broader range of solutions for your particular needs.

Make this data and AI provide value for you

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