Real World Evidence AI

ZASTI AI helps you understand customer needs, behavior and experience using social media


Obtaining Real World Patient Insights

Conventional methods such as surveys and questionnaires are ineffective

  • Current tools do not capture trends in real time
  • Current methods only focus on brand analysis content
  • Decision making insufficient due to incomplete data analysis
  • Patient experience difficult to capture
  • Surveys and questionnaires are ineffective


Zasti Real World Evidence AI

Social media is a key factor in understanding patient experience.

Zasti’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) based solution scans platforms including:


Patient and Provider Blogs


Research Articles

Online Forums

Provides Real World Insights such as:

Disease overview



Quality of life



Rapid model building

Rapid AI model development reducing time to market by 30%

Custom Analytics Dashboards

Presents data to customers on user friendly dashboards and structured reports

Decision Making

Augments decision making capabilities for

  • Sales and marketing
  • R&D
  • Pharmacovigilance teams.

With over 10 Billion Healthcare Transactions, Zasti offers a broader range of solutions for your particular needs.

Make this data and AI provide value for you