Value Based Pricing AI

Delivering sustainable value based care using AI


Identifying a suitable care plan for patient

Identification of treatment plans and drugs that significantly improve the outcomes of the patient in a value based care model can be a challenge for the providers. There is a need for a system to empirically identify the most efficient and effective care strategy for patients.


Zasti’s Value Based Care Solution

Zasti built an AI model which helps providers in maximizing value delivered by identifying the most effective intervention (drug or procedure) suitable for a particular patient profile.

The AI model ranks the following based on past outcomes

List of Medical services availed by patients with similar profile

Most preferred/frequent treatments and drugs that are prescribed within the group

Number of times the procedure was performed to similar patient profiles

Average carbon emission generated for a procedure

Carbon offset required by the hospital to make the procedure carbon neutral


Carbon Offset Estimation

Stakeholders have the visibility on carbon emissions generated and estimated offsets required to be carbon neutral

Patient Engagement

Value-based care also increases patient engagement by encouraging providers to focus more on patient care

Reduction in Costs

Knowledge of carbon emission associated with each procedure will help providers make decisions on the most cost efficient, effective and sustainable method of care for the patient

Climate Tech AI Solutions

With over 10 Billion Healthcare transactions, Zasti offers a broader range of solutions for your particular needs.

Make this data and AI provide value for you

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